The Keep It Local Maine Podcast

Episode 51: Robin Kennedy - Maine Candy Maker

September 17, 2021

This week, we tempted fate by talking about tasty treats before lunch with Robin Kennedy from Robin's Confections in Biddeford, Maine! We talked about how she got started making confections, how she works with other local businesses, the secret to a great Maine Needham, and much more!



Robin’s passion for making chocolate confections began while working for another candy company, where she learned the skills she would apply in 2012 when she started her own business out of her parent’s renovated basement. After only working the wholesale business for six years, they now have a beautiful store in Biddeford that Robin manages and her parents own. There she has expanded what they make and are able to offer, but the Maine Needham remains their most popular staple product… as it should.

Visit Robin's Confections at to shop online or visit them at 586 Alfred Street in Biddeford. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram too. 



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