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Episode 32: Jackie Lindstedt - JAX & BARD

March 31, 2021

This episode, we spoke with Jackie Lindstedt - a Maine footwear designer, entrepreneur, and founder of JAX & BARD footwear. We talked about her twenty plus years in fashion, the origins of her own footwear line, how she handles adversity, what inspires her, and much more!


Jackie "Jax" Lindstedt, a seasoned footwear professional and entrepreneur, launched her own label, JAX & BARD in 2014.  Created to solve her own footwear needs, JAX & BARD provides footwear solutions that offer a custom fit, comfort, and effortless style.  Her designs combine historical techniques with modern influences, and responsibly curated materials which set her styles apart in the current comfort category. JAX & BARD footwear is designed for women who desire options that help them look and feel their best all day long.

You can purchase the signature Libby Hill line from JAX & BARD online at as well as more information on how they make their exceedingly comfortable shoes. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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This episode is sponsored by Fabian Oil, a family owned and operated business that offers heating oil and propane delivery, service and repairs. Fabian has been serving Central and Northern Maine with propane and oil for over 30 years. As a local Maine business, they cherish the relationships they have formed by serving the people of their communities. In 2019, Fabian entered the Southern Maine region with a heating oil acquisition and they have recently brought propane to the market. They are aggressive and would love to be your supplier. Give them a call 207-793-2044, visit, or follow them on Facebook.

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