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Episode 2: Michelle Neujahr - owner of Nu-Yar Business Consulting

August 11, 2020

In this episode, we talk with Michelle about how she started her career in business consulting, what inspires her, and most importantly, who's wearing pajamas during podcast recording!



Michelle Neujahr is a no-nonsense, contagiously positive straight talker, energetic entrepreneur, and brass-tacks businessperson. Serious about helping businesses grow, she brings a depth and breadth of real business experience to each one of her clients—whether a small business owner or a multi-million dollar corporation. For Michelle, growth is about creativity, accountability, and strategy. She knows how to get her clients there because she’s done it herself. 
Before starting nu-yar, Michelle owned a seven-figure, Minnesota-based renovation firm. She has spent time in the corporate world as a director of sales and marketing, and she co-leads a business growth group for the Small Business Association called ScaleUp. There, she helps mid-sized companies through the steps necessary to scale up their business. Michelle also serves as an Associate Professor of Business at Southern Maine Community College, where she teaches entrepreneurship and marketing. Michelle has a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of Southern Maine.
Michelle is a wife, mother of three, grandmother of two, entrepreneur at heart and a lover of chocolate. She’s also a genuine connector of people and ideas and a tireless advocate for her clients. Michelle has the unique ability to help business owners feel more comfortable in who they are and what they are trying to do by helping them create, implement, and maintain successful strategies for growth.
You can find her online at as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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